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HKIB Terms and Condition


This Application Form is designed to facilitate applicants to apply for HKIB membership (Hong Kong and Macao), training and examination by submitting one single form.  Applicants may choose to complete the respective sections as deemed appropriate


  • All HKIB members are eligible to apply for HKIB professional qualification training and/or examinations.  However, non-members can still enrol for ECF training and/or examination.
  • Individual Membership shall run from 1 January to 31 December in each calendar year unless otherwise stated.  If you fail to pay the Membership fee on or before 31 January of each calendar year, your Membership status will be cancelled and treated as Default Members. If you are a Professional Member, your professional designation(s) will be suspended and removed from the Register of Certified Individuals (CI) on our website. Default Members seeking reinstatement of their Membership are required to pay the Membership Fee for the current year plus the Re-registration Fee


  • Places will be allocated on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis
  • Participants who have settled payments will receive course confirmation by e-mail at least 5 working days prior to the course commencement date.
  • If for whatever reason you do not receive the course confirmation 3 calendar days before the course commencement, please contact us for our further action.
  • Late training enrolment will be accepted after the stipulated application deadline up to 7 calendar days before course commencement, to allow us to administer the application. A late entry fee of HKD200 (in addition to the training fee) will apply.
  • We reserve the right to reject an application at any time.
  • Participants may apply for reimbursement under the Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Asset and Wealth Management Sector (WAM Pilot Programme).  Please visit for the eligible training programmes and the relevant details.  Please note that only training fee can be applied for funding and examination fee is excluded, and all the relevant enrolled courses are completed on or before 31 August 2022 so that you will be eligible for applying course fees reimbursement.
  • Participants can consider using a virtual background to ensure more privacy during virtual classroom training.


  • Candidates who are taking the current training can choose to sit for the current examination or any subsequent examination.
  • Applications must comply with the regulations published in the respective programme handbooks.
  • Late examination enrolment will be accepted after the stipulated application deadline up to 14 calendar days before examination date, to allow us to administer the application.  A late entry fee of HKD200 (in addition to the examination fee) will apply.

Application Period and Method

  • Please refer to the Training and Examination Schedule for application deadline.
  • HKIB reserves the right to postpone, modify and/or cancel the scheduled training and/or examinations.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable, except in cases where the training has been cancelled.
  • Applicants can complete the Application Form with copies of relevant documents and submit to HKIB.


  • I declare that the information contained in my application is truthful and complete, and will be used for the purpose of administration and communication by The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB).  I agree to notify HKIB of any material changes to my responses to any of the questions in this application, including my contact details.  I understand and agree that HKIB may investigate the statements I have made with respect to this application, and that I may be subject to disciplinary actions for any misrepresentation (whether fraudulent and otherwise) in this application.
  • I understand that the fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless otherwise stated.
  • I understand and agree to comply with all conditions, requirements, policies and procedures established by HKIB as may be amended from time to time.
  • I read and understand the Important Notes For Application.

For Membership Application

  • I understand that as a member of HKIB, I shall be bound by the prevailing rules and regulations of the Institute.

For Training Application

  • I declare that I have fulfilled the entry requirements of the training.
  • I declare that I have read and agreed to comply with the following statement:
    • The training material (Study Guide and PPT Slides in both printed and electronic versions) and its content are copyright of HKIB – © 2022 The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.  All rights reserved.
    • No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system/database, or transmitted in any form or by any means, e.g. electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

For FLEX Learning / Virtual Classroom Training Application

  •  I declare that I have read and agreed to comply with the following statement
    • Turning on the video function and showing my face throughout the virtual classroom training are required for attendance verification; otherwise I will not obtain any attendance or CPD certificate.  This consent covers all forms of virtual classroom training, including but not limited to HKIB’s Professional Qualification Programmes and IA CPD courses.
    • Recording of virtual training session is strictly prohibited.  No individual may record by any means or broadcast any portion of the virtual training session without prior written consent of HKIB.  Unauthorised recording (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of the virtual training session, without the express written consent of HKIB, is strictly prohibited.

For Examination Application

  • I confirm that I have read the relevant handbook, examination-related information published in the HKIB, and/or Examination Guidance Notes, and fully understand and accept the regulations.

Last Updated on 20 June 2022